Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Breakfast + Mocha on the Mount

Good afternoon!!

I officially had my first day of work for my new teaching job yesterday. After over a month of rest and relaxation (which although nice, was slowly turning into boredom), I was really excited to get back into a routine.

This week, I am being trained on the school curriculum, philosophy of education, and policies & procedures. It is so refreshing to be in a work environment with other believers who truly love the Lord and seek their approach to educating children from God's word.

My Favorite Summer Breakfast

My summer morning routine looks something like this: wake up, run, sweat enough to fill a pool, burst through the door famished and overheated. It's a doozy.

What is the best way to cool down from the Texas heat?

A delicious ice cold chocolatey smoothie! This is by far my favorite smoothie combination. The "backbone" of it looks something like this:

*1 cup milk (soy, coconut, 1%...whatever we have on hand)
*1 frozen banana (works best if you let it get really ripe before freezing, then peel and put in a ziploc bag to freeze)
*a couple shakes of ground cinnamon
*1 t xanathan gum for thickening
*2 T cocoa powder
*1 T nut butter (anything that floats my boat that particular day--almond butter, chocolate hazelnut butter, peanut butter, etc.)
*1/4 to 1/2 cup of cereal or granola on top

This combination never disappoints and always cools me down after a good run!

Summer Bible Study

I am participating in a summer women's bible study through our church, so my morning breakfast routine also includes a daily quiet time to go through the material for the day.

We are going through Mocha on the Mount by Sandra Glahn.

I love this study because each week's topic is easily broken down into six parts, so you complete one part every day from Monday-Saturday. This is a great study on God's word that truly extols His truth. It focuses on the sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7), which outlines key principles to "kingdom living." It is a good length, the idea being that you can complete your daily study over a good cup of coffee (in my case, a smoothie!).

What does your summer morning routine look like?


  1. Your smoothie sounds amazing! I can never get my smoothies thick!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing about Mocha on the Mount!