Friday, July 15, 2011

Lobster Ice Cream

Sounds delicious, no? Newsweek has an interesting article on the world's wildest ice cream flavors. The top 5 wildest, from my perspective, are:

1. Salt and Pepper (San Franscisco, CA)
2. Lobster (Bar Harbor, Maine)
3. Feta Cheese and Basil (Atlanta, GA)
4. Garlic (Puerto Rico)
5. Rice and Beans (Puerto Rico)

Honestly, I can't imagine stomaching any of these flavors. The strangest ice cream flavor I had ever heard of was pistachio, which is surprisingly good (it's all sweet, not salty like the real deal). Who knows? Maybe Lobster ice cream is a hidden treasure!

I had a fabulous day today. I felt like I started to get my "glow" back after getting some pretty devastating news on Monday afternoon. I woke up from my 24-hour "back on track" juice fast with a hankering for some carb-loaded sugary sweetness. And I hankered for it quickly. Enter: frozen buckwheat waffles! I whipped them up in no time, topped with some microwaved frozen blueberries and some PB frosting (1 T white chocolate wonderful + 2 T coconut milk = PB frosting. For real, amazeballs).

I lunched with the hubs at his office, where I munched on some delicious seafood cakes atop a salad. His office has awesome food choices, for a great price. On school days, I often feel a pang of jealous when I realize he is feasting on fresh broiled salmon and I am downing a sandwich-baggie PB&J!

On the way home, I couldn't help myself. I stopped for a $1 diet coke from Mickie D's. Can't beat it!

Afternoon acitivities included making some delicious raw chocolate chip cookie dough balls. I'm thinking there might be some cookie dough blizzard action in my future...

The hubs headed out of town for a guy's weekend fishing trip so I was on my own for dinner. I cooked up a grilled egg plant sandwich on ezekiel sesame seed bread, complete with mozzarella, mmmm sauce, and corn with vegan butter on the side. And I have have had a glass of wine (or two...)

Spending my evening with Friends. Nite!

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