Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the road!

Greetings from Dallas!

Hubs headed out on a second guys' weekend in a row, and I headed home to spend some time with my parents. I grew up in Dallas and I love to go back to D-town! It's always fun to revisit places that were a part of my daily life back in the day and to see friends from high school, so I am really looking forward to the next couple of days.

I headed out of Houston this afternoon with a carrot, celery and green apple juice in tow.

I started to get a little hungry sitting in traffic on the way out of the city, so I muched on a carrot cake larabar. How delicious is this flavor? Love, love!

Houston traffic can be a beast. I spent a good chunk of my driving time stuck behind some big trucks, quite literally inching along.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with joy to see my favorite pit-stop: BUCCEES!

Buccees is way more than your average gas station. You can pick up a fresh sample of sausage, homemade fudge, and then browse their own line of boxer shorts and bever backpacks! What a treat! But in all seriousness, the cleanest gas station restrooms you'll ever find. That's reason enough for me to stop.

I felt a rumble in the tumble by the time I reached buccees, so I picked up a little refreshment--diet coke and kettlecorn.

This popcorn was a great find! Only 200 calories for this whole bag, and it was delicious! I also picked up some of my mom's favorite candied jalepenos to take home to her.

I arrived in Dallas a little after 8 pm, so my parents and I headed out to a late dinner. We settled on something quick, easy and fun. Enter Pluckers! My parents really wanted to introduce me to their "to die for" fried mac and cheese.

No complaints here! This was quite an indulgence, but I enjoyed every cheesy, fried bite. It was easily 9:15 before we got our food. The menu was lacking in healthy choices, so I decided on a buffalo chicken salad.

Currently munching on ginger snaps and catching up with my sugary sweet mama. Nite!

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