Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Biblical times, I'd sell my birthright....

For one of these muffins:

Chocolately, chewy, warm A-mazingness from JD's Chippery! In high school, one of these babies (along with a large vanilla Dr. Pepper) was my morning meal after cheerleading practice. I probably ate these babies three times a week. Of course these days I realize what a treat a chocolate chip muffin the size of my head is, so I have scaled back a bit :)

This morning I went for a three miler on the Katy Trail, my favorite place to run in dtown. It is a 3.5 mile trail that is a straight shot from Highland Park to the American Airlines Center downtown (so if you complete the whole trail, you've gone 7 miles).

It features shaded walking and biking paths.

Hand mile markers.

And safety precautions.

These definitely are a necessity as accidents happen. There was a very tragic collision on the Katy Trail this year you can read about here. Good reminder to always be alert!

I hope your Saturday includes a good ole sweaty t shirt! Enjoy it!


  1. That muffin sounds amazing! That trail looks like a neat place to run! I love the hand painted mile markers!

  2. I absolutely adore your blog! I'm a huge runner myself, so I can DEFINITELY appreciate a good old sweaty tshirt :)

    We have the Katy Trail up here in missouri and i've ALWAYS wanted to run on it! I'm training for the half marathon in October so I need some more scenic places to run ... maybe i'll try it out!

    I HATE the chocolate arctic zero! I love the choc mint and the vanilla maple..i'd DEFINITELY recommend them! They are getting me through this wisdom teeth shin dig beautifully :)